Milwaukee Brewers third baseman Ryan Braun was elected the National League winner of the Jackie Robinson Rookie of the Year Award by the BBWAA in a very close vote over Colorado Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki.

Braun, 24 next week, was listed first in on 17 of 32 ballots cast by two writers in each league city, second on 14 and third on one for 128 points, based on the 5-3-1 tabulation system. Tulowitzki was first on 15 ballots and second on the other 17 for 126 points. The two-point differential was the closest in the NL since the current system was adopted in 1980. The previous closest was in 2006 when Florida Marlins shortstop Hanley Ramirez won over Washington Nationals third baseman Ryan Zimmerman, 105-101.

Prior to 1980, writers voted for one player, not three. The 1976 election resulted in the only NL tie, between pitchers Butch Metzger of the San Diego Padres and Pat Zachry of the Cincinnati Reds.

Braun, who batted .324, led NL first-year players in home runs (34), slugging (.634) and extra-base hits (66), was second in RBI (97), runs (91), total bases (286) and triples (6) and third in hits (146). Tulowitzki, a .291 hitter, was the NL rookie leader in RBI (99), runs (104), hits (179), total bases (292), doubles (33) and walks (57) and was third in home runs (24) and triples (5).

Braun is the second Brewers player to win the award. The other was shortstop Pat Listach in the American League in 1992. Milwaukee shifted to the NL in 1998. The Braves did not have a Rookie of the Year winner during their 13 seasons in Milwaukee (1953-65).

The vote:

Player Club 1st 2nd 3rd Points
Ryan Braun Milwaukee Brewers 17 14 1 128
Troy Tulowitzki Colorado Rockies 15 17 126
Hunter Pence Houston Astros 15 15
Chris Young Arizona Diamondbacks 10 10
Kyle Kendrick Philadelphia Phillies 1 4 7
Yunel Escobar Atlanta Braves 1 1
James Loney Los Angeles Dodgers 1 1

Previous winners (*—Unanimous):
2006 HANLEY RAMIREZ, Florida Marlins; 2005 RYAN HOWARD, Philadelphia Phillies; 2004 JASON BAY, Pittsburgh Pirates; 2003 DONTRELLE WILLIS, Florida Marlins; 2002 JASON JENNINGS, Colorado Rockies; 2001 *ALBERT PUJOLS, St. Louis Cardinals; 2000 RAFAEL FURCAL, Atlanta Braves; 1999 SCOTT WILLIAMSON, Cincinnati Reds; 1998 KERRY WOOD, Chicago Cubs; 1997 *SCOTT ROLEN, Philadelphia Phillies; 1996 TODD HOLLANDSWORTH, Los Angeles Dodgers; 1995 HIDEO NOMO, Los Angeles Dodgers; 1994 *RAUL MONDESI, Los Angeles Dodgers; 1993 *MIKE PIAZZA, Los Angeles Dodgers; 1992 ERIC KARROS, Los Angeles Dodgers; 1991 JEFF BAGWELL, Houston Astros; 1990 DAVID JUSTICE, Atlanta Braves; 1989 JEROME WALTON, Chicago Cubs; 1988 CHRIS SABO, Cincinnati Reds; 1987 *BENITO SANTIAGO, San Diego Padres; 1986 TODD WORRELL, St. Louis Cardinals; 1985 *VINCE COLEMAN, St. Louis Cardinals; 1984 DWIGHT GOODEN, New York Mets; 1983 DARRYL STRAWBERRY, New York Mets; 1982 STEVE SAX, Los Angeles Dodgers; 1981 FERNANDO VALENZUELA, Los Angeles Dodgers; 1980 STEVE HOWE, Los Angeles Dodgers; 1979 RICK SUTCLIFFE, Los Angeles Dodgers; 1978 BOB HORNER, Atlanta Braves; 1977 ANDRE DAWSON, Montreal Expos; 1976 (Tie) BUTCH METZGER, San Diego Padres, and PAT ZACHRY, Cincinnati Reds; 1975 JOHN MONTEFUSCO, San Francisco Giants; 1974 BAKE McBRIDE, St. Louis Cardinals; 1973 GARY MATTHEWS, San Francisco Giants; 1972 JON MATLACK, New York Mets; 1971 EARL WILLIAMS, Atlanta Braves; 1970 CARL MORTON, Montreal Expos; 1969 TED SIZEMORE, Los Angeles Dodgers; 1968 JOHNNY BENCH, Cincinnati Reds; 1967 TOM SEAVER, New York Mets; 1966 TOMMY HELMS, Cincinnati Reds; 1965 JIM LEFEBVRE, Los Angeles Dodgers; 1964 DICK ALLEN, Philadelphia Phillies; 1963 PETE ROSE, Cincinnati Reds; 1962 KEN HUBBS, Chicago Cubs; 1961 BILLY WILLIAMS, Chicago Cubs; 1960 FRANK HOWARD, Los Angeles Dodgers; 1959 *WILLIE McCOVEY, San Francisco Giants; 1958 *ORLANDO CEPEDA, San Francisco Giants; 1957 JACK SANFORD, Philadelphia Phillies; 1956 *FRANK ROBINSON, Cincinnati Reds; 1955 BILL VIRDON, St. Louis Cardinals; 1954 WALLY MOON, St. Louis Cardinals; 1953 JUNIOR GILLIAM, Brooklyn Dodgers; 1952 JOE BLACK, Brooklyn Dodgers; 1951 WILLIE MAYS, New York Giants; 1950 SAM JETHROE, Boston Braves; 1949 DON NEWCOMBE, Brooklyn Dodgers; 1948 ALVIN DARK, Boston Braves; 1947 JACKIE ROBINSON, Brooklyn Dodgers