San Diego Padres righthander Jake Peavy, who won the triple crown of pitching by leading his league in victories, earned run average and strikeouts, was a unanimous choice as the National League Cy Young Award winner in balloting by the BBWAA.

Peavy, 26, was listed first on all 32 ballots cast by two writers in each league city to score a perfect 160 points, based on a 5-3-1 tabulation system. It is the 12th time a pitcher in the NL has been a unanimous choice. It was achieved three times by Sandy Koufax, twice by Greg Maddux and once each by Bob Gibson, Steve Carlton, Rick Sutcliffe, Dwight Gooden, Orel Hershiser and Randy Johnson. There have been eight unanimous elections in the American League.

Peavy’s 19-6 season featured a 2.54 ERA and 240 strikeouts in 223⅓ innings but no complete games. He joins seven-time Cy Young Award winner Roger Clemens as the only starting pitchers to win the award without pitching a compete game. Clemens did it twice, in the AL with the New York Yankees in 2001 and in the NL with the Houston Astros in 2004.

Arizona Diamondbacks righthander Brandon Webb, the 2006 winner, was second this time with 94 points, based on 31 second-place votes and one third. He and Peavy were the only pitchers on all ballots.

Peavy is the fourth Padres pitcher honored, joining Randy Jones (1976), Gaylord Perry (1978) and Mark Davis (1989). Webb is the second NL pitcher to be the Cy Young runner-up the year after he won. The other was Tom Glavine in 1992.

The vote:

Player Club 1st 2nd 3rd Points
Jake Peavy San Diego Padres 32 160
Brandon Webb Arizona Diamondbacks 31 1 94
Brad Penny Los Angeles Dodgers 14 14
Aaron Harang Cincinnati Reds 1 7 10
Carlos Zambrano Chicago Cubs 3 3
Cole Hamels Philadelphia Phillies 2 2
John Smoltz Atlanta Braves 2 2
Jose Valverde Arizona Diamondbacks 2 2
Jeff Francis Colorado Rockies 1 1

Previous winners (*—Unanimous):
2006 BRANDON WEBB, Arizona Diamondbacks; 2005 CHRIS CARPENTER, St. Louis Cardinals; 2004 ROGER CLEMENS, Houston Astros; 2003 ERIC GAGNE, Los Angeles Dodgers; 2002 *RANDY JOHNSON, Arizona Diamondbacks; 2001 RANDY JOHNSON, Arizona Diamondbacks; 2000 RANDY JOHNSON, Arizona Diamondbacks; 1999 RANDY JOHNSON, Arizona Diamondbacks; 1998 TOM GLAVINE, Atlanta Braves; 1997 PEDRO MARTINEZ, Montreal Expos; 1996 JOHN SMOLTZ, Atlanta Braves; 1995 *GREG MADDUX, Atlanta Braves; 1994 *GREG MADDUX, Atlanta Braves; 1993 GREG MADDUX, Atlanta Braves; 1992 GREG MADDUX, Chicago Cubs; 1991 TOM GLAVINE, Atlanta Braves; 1990 DOUG DRABEK, Pittsburgh Pirates; 1989 MARK DAVIS, San Diego Padres; 1988 *OREL HERSHISER, Los Angeles Dodgers; 1987 STEVE BEDROSIAN, Philadelphia Phillies; 1986 MIKE SCOTT, Houston Astros; 1985 *DWIGHT GOODEN, New York Mets; 1984 *RICK SUTCLIFFE, Chicago Cubs; 1983 JOHN DENNY, Philadelphia Phillies; 1982 STEVE CARLTON, Philadelphia Phillies; 1981 FERNANDO VALENZUELA, Los Angeles Dodgers; 1980 STEVE CARLTON, Philadelphia Phillies; 1979 BRUCE SUTTER, Chicago Cubs; 1978 GAYLORD PERRY, San Diego Padres; 1977 STEVE CARLTON, Philadelphia Phillies; 1976 RANDY JONES, San Diego Padres; 1975 TOM SEAVER, New York Mets; 1974 MIKE MARSHALL, Los Angeles Dodgers; 1973 TOM SEAVER, New York Mets; 1972 *STEVE CARLTON, Philadelphia Phillies; 1971 FERGUSON JENKINS, Chicago Cubs; 1970 BOB GIBSON, St. Louis Cardinals; 1969 TOM SEAVER, New York Mets; 1968 *BOB GIBSON, St. Louis Cardinals; 1967 MIKE McCORMICK, San Francisco Giants; 1966 *SANDY KOUFAX, Los Angeles Dodgers; 1965 *SANDY KOUFAX, Los Angeles Dodgers; 1963 *SANDY KOUFAX, Los Angeles Dodgers; 1962 DON DRYSDALE, Los Angeles Dodgers; 1960 VERNON LAW, Pittsburgh Pirates; 1957 WARREN SPAHN, Milwaukee Braves; 1956 DON NEWCOMBE, Brooklyn Dodgers.

Note: One award given from 1956-66; AL pitchers won in 1958-59, ‘61 and ‘64.